15th September 2021

New tab added (The Beatles / vinyl) featuring collections of Beatles memorabilia and rare Beatles / Soul LPs



17th December 2023

Please see Blog for updates, recent collevtions include rare cigarette cards, 1894 advertising collection, vintage Bang & Olufsen Hifi, bookmarks and assorted ephemera


14th April 2021

New tab added (GB Stamps), focusing initially on Edward 7th (1902-11)



15th June 2019

Long time since I updated this! Due to having to deal with one or two non-antiquey things, we have been forced to ease off, but are now back with lots of interesting collections, which are gradually being updated on the Home page




20th September 2018

Well judging by the comment below, I'm not doing too well, but we have been exceptionally busy.

New in; Carlton Ware Tutenkhamen bowl, First Period Worcester teacup and saucer, Minolta camera kit, Samson of Paris Bird & Insect plate etc etc see Home page slideshow for more info.

Recently sold;

  • All Raphael Tuck booklets (over 300)
  • Omega Paperweight deskclock
  • The Bijou Shakespeare collection
  • Margaret Thatcher signed autobiography
  • Dick Cheney signed autobiography
  • Omega f300 wristwatch c1970
  • Omega pocket watch c1914


8th January 2018

New Year's resolution? Keep on top of the website! Lots of ephemera and vintage collectables have arrived, so keep checking back for updates.


14th October 2017

Busy busy busy! One day soon I'll get around to the promised website updates.

New blog entry.



30th August 2017

Edison cylinder records & Viewmaster collection, vintage darts (Unusual & Different), whisky library, 1814 Smith's map, 1938 Egyptian postcards, early London underground maps, early Private Eye magazines (books & Ephemera) added.


13th July 2017

Art Nouveau & Art Deco costume jewellery added (Vintage Costume Jewellery)

Lots of vintage Omega watches added, including some stunning chronographs (Omega Vintage Watches)


13th May 2017

Major revamp of the Omega watches section on the way


13th March 2017

All autographs now sold!


16th February 2017

Another new tab added!

We have been asked to sell one lady's entire collection of autographs, collected over many years and adding up to just over 1,000 individual, hand signed items. Hollywood film stars, TV, stage and film personalities, sports stars and so on.


Incredibly busy here at The Stamphouse, so keep checking back on a regular basis as things are moving fast!


28th January 2017

New tab added!

I've always been an avid reader and love collecting ephemera. On our travels we recently acquired a massive collection of first edition and early books and ephemera, including some nice rarities!

Once I've got used to this new laptop, I'll add the new tab. there's plenty of other great items in, so please see our various tabs or the Recent additions section.



12th December 2016

The big news is that I have finally persuaded Ruth to leave work and join me full time at The Stamphouse. Ruth will bring her expertise on all aspects of vintage collectables and vintage costume jewellery and will happily accept 50% of our losses (although she doesn't know that bit yet). We will re launch in January 2017 and expand our range of ceramics, so look out for more great Clarice Cliff, Carlton Ware, Moorcroft etc as well as some wonderful Art Deco as we source the very finest from private collections.



27th September 2016

Lots of vintage Omega watches added. We have been asked to sell one gentleman's entire collection of vintage Omegas including Speedmasters, Constellations etc, many in 18k gold. Fantastic 1971 Speedmaster just arrived with original box and paperwork as well as many other excellent vinatge Omegas from private collections.


28th July 2016

New page added! Omega shop displays from a shop an Omega dealer that closed down recently. Really rare and very collectable.


27th June 2016


Whether you voted for it or not, it's here! Big jumps in the price of gold and much more interest in good antiques and watches already, as people look for alternative investments. We have an ever growing order list for vintage watches.....


7th June 2016

So what is going on with the price of vintage Omega watches? OK, we all know that Speedmasters are going through the roof at the moment and are proving to be a great investment, but this does seem to be filtering down to other Omega models too. Good Seamasters are way up on what they were 12 months ago, but be warned, there are some very dodgy watches out there and honestly, I turn down 9 out of every 10 that I am offered. My preference is for completely original, one owner, serviced watches in the finest condition. OK, you pay more, but you get so much more. Check out the Seamaster Chronograph on the Omega Vintage watches tab as a good example. I have no hesitation in saying that it is probably the finest there is.


Will prices continue to rise? No doubt yes in the short term, so find a good one and keep hold of it. 


25th April 2016

Fabulous new Omegas added (please see Omega Vintage Watches tab)


16th March 2016

Loads of updates with new tabs and loads of new stock added! Please see new arrivals tab


27th January 2016

Updating everything this week! New arrivals to be listed, blog update etc etc Watch this space!


2nd December 2015

New tab added! Vintage Costume jewellery. Blog updated tomorrow with details of what we've been up to (including the MOST AMAZING FIND!). Crown Devon, Crown Ducal & Carlton Ware new arrivals to be listed shortly. Blog 


18th November 2015

We've gone all zooligical here at The Stamphouse, with polar bears, giant fish and now a tiger! All detailed on the "Other Fine Pieces" tab. 


28th October 2015

Please see NEW ARRIVALS tab and individual tabs for details of great new items!

(Prices on tomorrow all being well)


26th Otober 2015

Should finish updating the website in a few days with lots of great new items; watch this space!!!



20th October 2015

New Arrivals being updated with Moorcroft, Lladro, Royal Worcester, Radford etc (check the individual tabs!)



4th October 2015


Back after a bit of a break! Macron Stadium (formerly The Reebok stadium) in Bolton for our next fair on 11th October.  New Omegas in this week from an excellent private collection. Blog updated shortly!


19th June 2015


Big collection of Swatch watches just arrived from an incredible private collection, including some great rarities. All in excellent, as new condition; please see the new tab for Swatch Watches!


13th February 2015


Are we quite mad? Have you seen some of the February sale prices? (visit the various tabs for sale offers). Well it's time to make space for all the new stuff! With massive savings on all sorts of top quality pieces you'd better be quick!


New watches in this week from Omega, Dunhill, Seiko, as well as fabulous items by Archibold Knox, Palissy, Dunhill, WMF, Crown Devon, Wallendorf and Royal Crown Derby.

Updates on the way with photos....promise!


5th December 2014


We've gone back to our roots!

Huge, huge quantity of GB stamps in this week!

Massive quantity of mint decimal, loads of presentation packs (including rare 1960's ones), hundreds of brilliant autographed first day covers, Benham silks, Edward 7th reference collection, George 5th reference collection, Penny Blacks, mint sheets and so on. All from one private collector, just amazing. I'll start listing some of it in a new tab this week if I get a chance, as it will take me all week to get it into some sort of order!



29th November 2014


Some fabulous vintage Omega watches just arrived, including an amazing Speedmaster, courtesy of Willem of Groningen, Holland (Thanks Willem!) 



8th May 2014


Several more vintage Omega watches arrived from private collections this month; I'll update the vintage watches page as soon as I can! Next Fair on Sunday, George Carnell Sports Centre, Urmston. New cabinet just set up at Hebden Bridge Antique Centre; a fabulous place for a day out!



14th April 2014


More Omega watches arriving on a regular basis as we carefully select the very best from private collections. Check out the recently added tab "Omega and other fine vintage watches"


14th March 2014


New page added! Art Deco items, to be updated later today.




11th March 2014


Well the website should all have been updated by now, but inevitably events have overtaken me and I've been busy buying.......so I'm still working on! New Arrivals page will now be updated weekly; latest update tonight!




28th February 2014


Getting there! Hopefully you've noticed some changes? Still working at it and have given myself a deadline of the end of next week to get everything updated on the website. 

But then again as Douglas Adams said; " I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by".....................



17th February 2014


At long last I am planning a complete overhaul of the website! Easier to find items, better descriptions and so on.....

Some great new Moorcroft recently which I will post pics of over the next few days, along with some photos of some of the rarest Omega Speedmaster watches!

Back in a couple of days!



16th January 2014


Happy New Year! Fairs booked in (see home page) new stock rolling in from private collections and vintage stuff underway. Oh, and blog updated.


Looking forward to Concorde fair this weekend, first one ever at the site, hope to see some of you there. New stock includes some great Art Deco pieces, Whitefriars glass in original box, fabulous vintage costume jewellery, Moorcroft Flambe etc etc. Will post some photos asap!



5th December 2013


The Stamphouse Vintage is almost here!


This week has been mostly spent gathering new items for the launch of The Stamphouse Vintage (or The Vintage Stamphouse I haven't decided which yet). Specialising in 1940's to 1970's and featuring clothing and accessories, ceramics, kitchenalia etc etc etc.

Watch this space!!!



Blog update later to save me having to dodge the rain and high winds!



29th October 2013


It's been frantic here at the Stamphouse, but I hope to update the site over the next few days with details of new stock including;

  • Carlton Ware Devil's Copse, Rabbits at Dusk, Garden, Hollyhocks, Armand Lustre and Persian Garden pieces
  • Fantastic American Art Deco dish
  • Wedgwood Lustre
  • Clarice Cliff stunning (and huge!) Viscaria vase
  • Moorcroft Pomegranate, Leaf & Berry etc
  • Goldscheider Art Deco
  • Sandland Zebrette (Ruth's favourite) etc etc

Now where did I put the camera???


August 2013

Huge Collection of Exhibition memorabilia just arrived!


Unless you are the original collector (you aren't), you will never have seen such a huge collection of Exhibition Memorabilia and souvenirs! Ranging from the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851, through Paris 1887, Lyon 1894, Glasgow 1887 and 1901, The British Empire Exhibition (Wembley) 1924, Chicago 1933 and so on. 


It took decades to put together and includes so many incredibly rare items! I've started to post some photos, but as there are literally hundreds of items it could take a while! Over the next few days I will put some "group" photos on as well as highlighting individual pieces.

Watch this space!


In other news..... Great new pieces of Poole, Carlton Ware, Moorcroft, Wedgwood Lustre etc etc.


Plus an update on the Blog tonight


Summer's here!

10th July 2013




OK, I give in! Due to numerous requests, you will now be able to see prices on items featured.

Give me a few days though to update everything!


Please bear in mind the following:

  • A large proportion of our stock is for sale through our numerous cabinets dotted around the North West as well as at the antique fairs that we attend.
  • So please contact me on 07730 588159 should you wish to purchase anything, to ensure that it is still available
  • We are happy to negotiate on price and provide detailed condition reports 



5th July 2013


There's a whole load of new stuff to show you this weekend as we have been asked to sell a large collection of 20th C ceramics. See new tab above "The property of a Hale gentleman".

All being well, I'll have photos and descriptions on by Monday


3rd July 2013


Blog updated, cabinets re-stocked, house painted (see blog)




27th June 2013


This week we've gone all Scandinavian with a large collection of Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl pieces that are just fab. If you're not into Danish porcelain you should be! Also checkout The Stamphouse cat; a unique Art Deco cheeky cat sculpture that's just great! Decorative ceramics feature heavily this week with a Harley Jones Wilton Ware hexagonal Fairyland temple jar as well as a Coaplort Liverpool Cathedral lidded urn that was limited to just 100 pieces. All images on the "New Arrivals" page; take a look!


19th June 2013 


Frantic! Apologies to those who are waiting to receive anything from me, I've been a bit inundated this week. Lots of Dartmouth fish jugs on their way out, some unusual Coca Cola memorabilia and a fair to prepare for on Sunday (Holmes Chapel).



2nd June 2013


I've added a new page this week, showcasing some of the newly received Wedgwood Lustre bowls; check the tab above!


It may be the World's most pathetic claim to fame but i think we now hold the Ebay record for selling Dartmouth Pottery gurgling fish jugs! There's some more arrived this week including a rare multicoloured one; check out this and others on the New arrivals page.





28th May


As some of you know we are very fortunate in being able to buy the very finest Wedgwood Lustre and Fairyland pieces from a private collection. The latest consignment has arrived, 6 of the very finest quality lustre bowls including some very rare shapes and patterns!


Photos to be posted this week; watch this space!