Something a bit different........

We love to find unusual pieces that often just don't fit into one of our regular categories, so here's a selection of recent acquisitions that you'll just love. (Or hate)



Coin Collection including a huge number of Proof sets

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I know very little (and that's being generous) about coins. But thankfully I know plenty of people who do! Here we have a fantastic private collection of Proof sets, beinning in 1927 (GB) and 1928 (Ireland) then a nice run from the 1970s to the 1990s. Also included are some great medals, notably 1935 Silver Jubilee and 1897 Golden Jubilee. All beautifully presented and all in excellent condition. Preferably for sale as one lot.

Serious Enquiries Only Please



Collection of Sony Walkmans

Mostly Sony, but including examples by Aiwa, Philips, Sanyon etc, a large collection of 1980s and 90s Walkmans and Discmans. All in working order, these are becoming quite collectable now, with prices steadily on the increase. The only collection of its kind that we have seen.



Vintage Bang & Olufsen HiFi

A one owner collection of Bang & Olufsen HiFi components. Collected by our vendor over many years, this stylish HiFi equipment dates from the 1960s through to the early 2000s and comprises;


Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws

For sale on behalf of one of our valued clients, a huge collection of Wentworth puzzles. Pretty much all 250 piece puzzles, we have taken collection of the first part of this collection (over 500). From vintage to current issue, they are all in excellent, as new condition. The collection also includes some jigsaws by other manufacturers (eg Victory Gold Box), but all are wooden puzzles. It's going to take some time to sort them out!

Enquiries welcome



Some Highlights to date of our Police patch sale

Brookville, New York, Auxilliary Civil Defense, sold for £110

Crystal Beach, Texas, sold for £60

Islip, New York, Auxilliary Civil Defense, sold for £75

Denver Boro, sold for £50

Roanoake Airport Police, sold for £65

Doylestown Boro, sold for £62

City of Holbrook, sold for £48

Tift County, sold for £72

County of Maui, Hawaii, sold for £95



Large Collection of American Police Cloth Badges / Patches

Just arrived and certainly something a bit different! A large collection of over 1,200 different USA police patches/ cloth badges. All are completely original (no repros) and cover all states, with many being ornately embriodered, many vintage and rare. For sale either as a complete collection, or can be broken up, we've never seen a collection like this before!



A very impressive collection of British coins

Not that I know much about coins, but I do know a fascinating object when I see one. A huge and impressive collection of coins dating from the reign of Charles 1 through to more modern times. Inevitably condition is mixed, but there are some seriously good pieces within the collection, a few of which we have highlighted in the photos, these being Charles 1st 1633 Coronation medal marking his return from Scotland and showing the Thames and Southwark Bridge, along with 1633 Charles 1st Coronation coin.

Enquiries welcomed.

This collection is now sold


Egg Yolk Amber Butterscotch Bakelite Beads

Dating from the 1920's, these Flapper beads are quite something! Weighing in at an impressive 143 grams and a huge 48 inches (unclasped). Finished with a black Bakelite screw clasp and on their original hand tied string, the beads are graduated from  a length of 0.5 up to 1.25 inches. Condition is excellent.

Very rare!

Price on Application, serious enquiries only please!



The Titanic Collection

The Titanic continues to fascinate us over a century after the tragic event that took place over 100 years ago. We are delighted to be able to bring to you this excellent collection of Titanic memorabilia, which includes a decent size lump of coal from the Titanic (with COA), framed in a pictorial montage, along with various books, models and model kits, postcards etc etc. Very nicely done.




Vintage postcard collection

Just in, a huge collection of vintage postcards from an impressive private collection. Topographical and thematic, with some really unusual cards, much social history interest, the vast majority from the Edwardian period. To be sold as a complete collection.



Tiffany & Co Atlas Clock

Fantastic Tiffany & Co Swiss Made "Atlas" quartz mantel clock. Measuring 5 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, the solid brass case is a combination of highly polished and satin brushed finishes. Dial is contarsting satin brushed plale gold with Roman numeral outer chapter ring. Very reminiscent of the Jefferson Golden Hour clock of the 1950s (we have one on here somewhere).

Hugely expensive when new, this beautiful clock really is a statement piece and will be supplied in full working order with new battery. For sale on behalf of one of our most valued clients.

Price on Applicaction



Cartier Trinity Travel Clock

Stunning desk or travel alarm clock from this prestigious brand. Again, hugely expensive when new, from the same home as the Tiffany closk above. Lovely condition with contrasting gold, silver and copper coloured bands allowing numerous configurations for display. Great condition, will be supplied in full working order with new battery. Measures 3 inches.

Price on Application



Selkirk Glass Ice Pool Paperweight 1979

An early and very rare paperweight by Selkirk Glass which was founded in 1977. No.74 from a limited edition of 350, designed by Peter Holmes. Selkirk paperweights are now hugely popular and there is a great demand for early, rare versions. Presented in its original display box with accompanying paperwork. Paperweight, box and papers in exceptional, virtually as new condition. A rare find!





The Home Tote

Every so often, we come across something that is just so incredibly rare and unusual that we just have to buy it. Here's a great example, a 1940's "Home Tote" game with bakelite mechanical device for randomly providing winning numbers and odds, cloth betting sheet and instructions. I really can't begin to tell you how rare and sought after these are, and this is the only one of this kind that we have ever seen (and believe me we've seen a lot of bakelite!)

SOLD (unsurprisingly sold in one day)



OMO Shop Display

Advertising memorabilia is really hot right now as we all feel nostalgic for the past, and here's a great example. OMO washing powder shop display in the form of a box containing the full set of glasses that were available as free gifts. Early to mid 1960s and complete. We are assured that this is the only one in existence, and having researched it extensively, I can find absolutely nothing even similar, so it probably is. Measures approx 32 X 32 X 8 cms.

An extremely rare item!



Rolls Razor Kit

These aren't that uncommon, unless of course, you have the complete kit, like we do! Like new razor in original unblemished box, blades in their original bakelite and metal boxes with fitted outer box, instructions, etc etc etc. An excellent set, With original registration card dated 1939.




British United Clock Company Figural Clock

In need of a good clean (which I must get around to), here's a really rare and unusual item. It's had several people flummoxed (is that the right spelling?) as to what the subject matter is, but I am assured that there is one other known, in the National Football Museum in Manchester. Early, probably late 19th / early 20th century, the clock movement requires attention, but these are almost always sold as decorative items rather than timepieces, as is the case here. For sale on behalf of one of our clients.



Vintage Porcelain and Bisque Collectors Dolls

Dozens of dolls! From a private collection  in all shapes and sizes ranging from early German to more modern Leonardo. These always go well as there are so many doll collectors out there. Just wish they didn't take up so much room! The photo shows just a small selection, we've got boxes of them to shift!



Art Deco Oak Stool

We don't usually do furniture, but couldn't resisit this stunning little footstool.

Solid oak and beautifully carved in the Art Deco style with a hint of Black Forest, this little gem measures 18 inches (length) X 9 (width) X 8 (height) and is just great.



Kitmaster Model Kits

A large collection of Kitmaster models, including virtually all of the most sought after including The Rocket, Evening Star, New York Central Hudson etc. The manufacturer (Roesbud) was taken over by Airfix in 1962, so these all date prior to then. Several Airfix accessory kits included.



Beer, Wine & Spirit Labels

An excellent private collection of beer, wine and spirit labels with many now defunct breweries and distilleries dating from the 1920's, mostly 1940's and 1950's though to the early 1970's. All in excellent condition with many rare ones, a total of approx 1,500 with many letters from the 1950's from brewery suppliers.




"Meteor" Victorian Children's Game

They certainly don't make them like this anymore! A very good quality German made children's game from the latter part of the 19th century. In its original sturdy wooden box, the game comprises hundreds of small wooden balls, 14 different patterns to make and a base. Beautifully made, it's a miracle that this has survived intact.



The Avengers

An original c1966 Emma Peel doll by Fairylite, extremely rare with full set of original clothing, including spare brown plastic trousers (and who doesn't need those?). Condition is excellent, measures 11 inches tall.



Vintage Rugby Collectables

From the golden era of Welsh rugby, a huge collection of classic programmes from the 1950's onwards.

Many rare items including the classic Barbarians v All Blacks 1973 plus many Cardiff and tour match programmes. Many with original match tickets.


Also included is a ball signed by all 28 members of the Welsh touring team of 1978 to Australia with legends such as Gareth Edwards, JPR Williams, Ray Gravell and the Pontypool front row. All ink signed.

Very rare!



Welsh Touring Team to Australia 1978

Signed by all squad members; Holmes, Davies, Watkins, Wheel, Evans, Gravell, Richards, Brynmor Williams, Clegg, Rowlands, Lane, Quinnell, JJ Williams, Richardson, Dawes, Fenwick, Cobden, Windsor, Martins, Daniels, Edwards, Faulkner, Price, Squire, Davis, JPR Williams, Donovan. Includes the signature of Gareth Edwards who retired shortly before the tour.


A rare piece of rugby memorabilia!




Barbarians programmes

South Africa 1952, South Africa 1961, New Zealand 1964, Cardiff 1964, Australia 1967, New Zealand 1967, New Zealand 1973, Cardiff 1979, Australia 1984, Australia 1988, Cardiff 1992, New Zealand 1993.



1950's programmes

Excellent condition, many with original match tickets.




1960's programmes

Excellent condition, many with original match tickets




Vintage Darts

You'll see more of these below and they proved so popular that it's time for some more!


Unicorn Ultrapack

Long Tom Medium darts in original Unicorn nylon box. Brass long barrels with nylon stems and original Darrow feather flights, along with an original Unicorn accessories leaflet. The box dated 1962.



Rolex Sea Dweller 50th anniversary paperweight

Only available to Rolex VIP clients, issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Sea Dweller, this was a Baselworld 2017 special and as such is pretty scarce (and very sought after). In its original presentation box. As new.




Rolex VIP collectables

Only available to Rolex VIP clients (not me I hasten to add), a selection of wallets, pocket address books, lanyards etc etc, needless to say all are authentic




Classic Pens

Not our usual, but from a collection that has just arrived. From top to bottom:

Fisher Space Pen

Vintage Dunhill silver ballpoint

Cross Sauvage fountain pen with 18k white gold nib

Parker for Rolex ballpoint, only issued to authrosied dealers

Mercedes Benz ballpoint

Waterman ballpoint

Schaeffer fountain pen with 14k nib

Early Lamy fountain pen

Silver Yard O Led ballpoint



Vintage Board Games

From a large collection of vintage board games, all complete and in good order. We've sold quite a lot of games from the collection, just haven't had time to photo and list them all! Here's the next lot;

The Invisible Man 1959 (Rare!)

Air Charter 1970

Railroader 1963

The Bionic Woman 1976

The Fastest Gun 1973

Stanley Gibbons Collect 1972


Rolls Royce Merlin Engine Toolkit

For sale on behalf of one of our clients, an extremely rare, complete and original Rolls Royce Merlin engine toolkit. Manufactured by Packard in the USA, the Packard Motor Car Company built 55,523 Merlin engines under licence from Rolls Royce for use in the Lancaster Bomber 111, Mosquito and P-51 Mustang. Comprising all 40 original tools in a canvas roll with the Packard description label intact.

Serious enquiries only please.



John Maltby Small Lidded Pot

A rare and quite stunning small pill box by the celebrated ceramic artist John Maltby. Measuring 4.2 cms diameter X 2.5 cms tall, the box is not marked, but bears the usual John Maltby characteristics of shape, size and pattern, quite possibly being a prototype piece.





Advertised as "Your workshop all in a cigar box!", these are now becoming quite hard to find. A collection of 10 original 1950's Micromodels, all complete, unmade and in excellent condition.

Each one measures 5 X 3.5 inches.

Set X1; Thames sailing barge & narrow boat SOLD

Set 1; The Mayflower SOLD

Set ARC1X; Bishop's Gate SOLD

Set TO11; Mammoth shovel excavator SOLD

Set ARCXX1V; Capitol building SOLD

Set ARCXX111; The White House SOLD

Set V1; The showboat Cotton Blossom SOLD

Set ARCXV; The Bull hotel, Long Melford SOLD

Set ARCXV1; The Guild Hall, Thaxted SOLD

Set SV; HMS Victory SOLD



WW2 Morse Code Machine

Originating from a WW2 bomber, this "bathtub" design Morse code transmitter is beautifully made in bakelite and measures 13.5 cms x 7 cms tall. A must for the RAF collector!




Bakelite Tie Press

Made in Windsor by John Corby Ltd and dating to the 1930's, a fully working heavy tie press. Stunning brown and black bakelite and in excellent condition. Measures 15 X 14 X 13 cms.




Victorian Embroidery Patterns

An amazing collection of Victorian embroidery patterns including original hand painted templates by Hertz & Wegener of Berlin (photo 1) and several fold out books of patterns, mainly German, including examples by Heinrich Kuehn (photo 2). Very rare, and all in excellent condition.

Price on Application

All patterns now sold


Casio VL-Tone VL1 Mini Keyboard and Calculator

This thing is so addictive! Play along whilst doing your accounts! It's a fabulous bit of kit dating to 1979 with loads of different effects and in full working order with original carrying case and instructions. Hard to find one in this condition!




System Desk Calendar

c 1920, beautifu detailing on this copper flip desk calendar and would you believe that you can still buy the inserts from Amazon! That's because this is the original Letts system.  This might be hard to part with!




Space Stamps Collection

We certainly know our stamps here at The Stamphouse and we also know a fantastic collection when we see one.

Accumulated over many years, this superb collection of stamps take us from the late 1950's through to c 1971 and is spread over several volumes. Many thousands of stamps and covers, hundreds of complete sets including some nice rarities, catalogue value c £2,000.




 SOLDA small collection of mid 19th century Daguerrotype portraits, all presented in their original frames and all in excellent condition.

Regency Silhouette Portraits

Regency period Silhouette Portraits

All dating from c1790 to 1822, these original silhouette portraits are miniature masterpieces. each measuring c 6 X 4 inches, they depict TG Lomax (dated 1822) and Caroline Lomax (2 portraits) dated 1812, all on the top row. Other, earlier portraits are c 1790. Each in their original ebonised frames, these rare works of art are from an impressive private collection and are offered for sale for the first time in many, many years.

All now Sold


Chad Valley RMS Queen Mary

This "Unique Take To Pieces Model" was manufactured by The Chad Valley Co Ltd from original designs by GH Davis and dates to around 1936. Made of heavy card, it features all 12 decks and comes with it's original box and key chart. Brilliant!



Jefferson Golden Hour mystery clock

The mystery is, of course, how does the clock work? The central panel is glass and the hands have no visible means of support. Produced in the USA in the 1950's, this particular clock has been fully refurbished using correct parts and converted for UK use (as it is electric) by Jefferson expert Rob Wagner of Connecticut and is in amazing condition. Probably the finest example in the UK.

Price on application



Edison Record Cylinders

A collection of Edison cylinders dating from c1908 onwards with some really rare ones, the outstanding one being a recording of Newcastle United v Sunderland from c1910.


Click on any photo for a brief description. Contact us for a full list of all recordings.

All cylinders now sold


Rare Model Kits

These early kits are very sought after these days and it's really hard to find ones that are complete and in such good condition. From a collection of vintage toys and games that has just arrived.


Frog 1/72nd Series English Electric P1 c1955 £75 SOLD

Frog 1/72nd Series English Electric Canberra PR7 c1956 £50 SOLD

Rosebud Kitmaster Rebuilt "Royal Scot" c1960 £65 SOLD



Schofield Hand Made Darts

These are rare! A complete set of Schofield's hand made darts, the brass barrels stamped Schofield, with associated cane shafts, metal retaining rings and original paper flights. Probably 1950's and in the original box. £50



Miniature spy camera under a dome

This fantastic little camera is a Mycro 111A Subminiature which uses Panchro Micro film. The camera has a Mycro Unar f4.5/20mm lens with aperrtures of F4.5-F11 and features shutter speeds of 25,50, and100 seconds. Produced in around 1950 by the Sanwa Co Ltd of Sanwa Shokai, Japan, it really is a miniature marvel and is in absolutely mint condition. Presented with its original leather carry case, spare film and battery. A great display item.




For sale on behalf of one of our clients


Before you ask, no, they are not mine, but I wish they were! 2 immaculate classic cars for sale on behalf of one of our clients. Currently in secure storage, where they have rested for several years, the photos of these fabulous classics simply don't do them justice.


Our client has owned these cars for many years, having purchased them from their original owners.


Viewing by arrangement (on 07730 588159), we invite serious enquiries from genuine prospective purchasers.



Bentley Series 1 1959

Immaculate 2 owner from new car with just 95,000 miles on the clock. Concours award winner and fastidiously mainatined to the highest standard.

Serious enquiries only please


Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1972

In immaculate, concours winning condition, this superb Rolls has covered just 19,500 miles from new and has had just 2 owners from new. Fastiously maintained to the highest standard.

Serious enquiries only please



French Art Nouveau Powder Bowl c1920

This stunning frosted glass powder bowl measures 13cms diameter and 6 cms tall. The intricately detailed pewter lid cover features 4 stylised roses amid spiders web and abstract designs and is signed L Pignol. A real Art Nouveau statement piece.




French Art Nouveau Glove Box c1920

Now here's something a bit special. This beautiful box measures 30 X 10cms and is leather clad with silver plated corners and a stunning central vignette of a lady picking fruit from a tree. Fully cushion lined in tuquoise silk. c 1920.



Rhythm Mini Clock

Not so mini, measuring 14.5cms X 12cms, you certainly don't see these any more and I just love it!

2 jewel auto calendar alarm clock made in Japan in the 1960's with fake wood dial and lots of plastic and it even works! (OK, the hands are a bit tricky to set, but nothing that a bit of tinkering wouldn't sort out). With so much going on, what's not to like? These early Japanese clocks are now becoming really sought after and I'll bet you can't find another one like this.




Boxed set of Sotheby's catalogues for the Elton John Collection

Complete boxed set with all 4 catalogues and leaflet. There's some wonderful stuff in here and a real collector's item. Excellent condition



Streamline Speedway

Fabulous tinplate racing set by Louis Marx and dating to the early 1930's. Complete track with 2 clockwork Citroen cars in its original box. Great condition.  Love this!




1930's Bookend

Every home should have one! Crow? Rook? You decide. Nicely sculpted bronze bird on an onyx base, measures 5.75 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches. Nice.


I'm now reliably informed that this is in fact a Jackdaw. (well, not that reliably, make your own mind up)




Victorian rosewood travelling vanity case

Beautiful fitted rosewood box with various original bottles and accessories to the interior. Mother of Pearl cartouche to the lid and escutcheon, with a secret drawer. Measures H 15cms, W 25 cms, D 19 cms. All in beautiful condition.





Kodak No.1 A Pocket Camera

Manufactured between 1926 and 1932, this remarkable camera is in incredible condition and comes complete with its original box, stylus and even instruction manual with inserts. A fabulous display item that actually works, this is the autographic version of this early Kodak camera. You'd need big pockets for this pocket camera as it measures 8 X 4 inches.



Leaping Jaguar Car Mascots

A Pair of Jaguar Car Mascots

Very Art Deco these leaping cats, aren't they? Each measuring 5 inches and mounted on matching wooden plinths. Very minor pitting to the chrome, overall condition is very good. Marked 7'24265'2 and 7'24265'2WBB.



Early Mark 2 Leaping Jaguar Car Mascot

Jaguar Car Mascot

An early Mark 2 version, the leaping jaguar with a lower profile and extended back legs. Some pitting to the chrome but no losses. Marked 7'10091'1 WBB. The full size version, measuring 7 1/2 inches. 



Sandow's Spring Grip Dumb-Bells

c1899, these are really collectable and now quite sought after. In fabulous vintage tin, including Selvyt cloth and instruction manual. Bit rusty here and there!




Sandow's Spring Grip Dumb-Bells

Later, "Light weight model" version, but judging by the instruction poster, probably 1920's. In original cardboard box with instructions, these with wooden handles. Working order.




Vintage Fitted Travel Grooming Set

Vintage Fitted Travel Grooming Set

Amazing that this appears never to have been used. Stunning fitted set comprising comb, hairbrush, matching pots, larger pot and bottle. All finished with embridered tops. Just beautiful.



Cutex Art Deco 1

Here's something different! An original 1930's Art Deco nail set by Cutex. Green bakelite hinged cover on a stepped black bakelite base, all in the most amazing Art Deco design. With its original bottles! All in excellent condition.




Cutex Art Deco 2

Just as incredible a find as the Cutex set above, here is an original 1930's set complete with all contents, including the original cotton wool! Box is lightly scuffed but very good.




Art Deco Copper Wall Pocket

Art Deco Copper Wall Pocket

Stunning original Art Deco wall pocket measuring 8 inches tall by just over 7 inches wide. Polished copper with a diamante jewelled galleon motif. Just great!



Art Deco Bakelite Egg Cups

Art Deco Bakelite Egg Cups

Do you like bakelite? Do you like boiled eggs? If ther answer to both questions is yes, then we have just the thing! A rare full set of 6.



Daily Mail Find The Films Jigsaw 1935

Daily Mail Find The Films Jigsaw Puzzle 1935

Sorry, but you've missed the deadline for entries in the Daily Mail Find The Films Jigsaw contest. It was 4th June 1935! We love vintage jigsaws and here's a fantastic one. 400 pieces all present & correct in original box. We'll even include the answers to the quiz!

£45 (and worth every penny)



Daily Mail Film Favourites Jigsaw 1934

Daily Mail Film Favourites Jigsaw Puzzle 1934

If you missed the deadline for the one above, you've definitely missed this one, because it was 16th April 1934! 400 pieces (including one rather home made one), but with instructions and blank entry form, Just great! (Took me ages to do).



1960's Fishy Lamp Base

1960's Fishy Lamp Base

It's just like looking in a rockpool! Crabs, starfish and some weird fish set in an ocean scene. This thing weighs a whopping 4kgs and stands at 12 inches tall. Personally I love it, (but then I would) as it's one of the strangest pieces we've ever had. Just needs a wire and lamp holder, but I prefer it as it is. It's a real conversation piece! Excellent condition.



Philips 209-U Bakelite Radio 1945

Philips 209-U Bakelite Radio 1945

Ooohhh this is rare. Fabulous Art Deco radio by Philips with original glass station finder, dates to 1945/46. The finned bakelite case is perfect, and it's impossible to find a complete one, unless you come to The Stamphouse! Completely renovated by our friends at The Vintage Wireless Company. The only one I've ever seen. A real museum piece in full working order.

Price on Application



Sobell Odeon radio c1949

Sobell Type 439 Odeon Bakelite Radio 1949

A bold Odeon style radio that manages to conceal both a high tension and low tension battery behind its rather grand facade. Much rarer than the GEC "Compact Three" version. Excellent condition. As featured in the "An illustrated guide to collectible bakelite objects" by Patrick Cook & Catherine Slessor 1992.


Original Star Wars Millennium Falcon by Kenner 1979 and Lucasfilm X Wing Fighter 1978

Oh well, they are topical just now; original Star Wars items. 




Cygnet Fan 1950

Cygnet Fan 1950

by Austin Walker Ltd, the body manufactured from urea-formaldehyde and the blades in blue polythene, dates to 1950. 9 inches tall. Not surprisingly, very few of these fans have survived as the blades tend to become brittle and break. This one is in excellent condition. As featured in the book "An illustrated guide to collectible bakelite objects" by Patrick Cook & Catherine Slessor 1992.