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LS Lowry Signed Print

Woman With Beard. From a limited edition of 750 (this being no.86) produced circa 1975, signed by Lowry in pencil to lower right. Published by Adam Collection Ltd, Fine Art Trade Guild blidstamp. Image 60 x 48 cms, framed and glazed (84 x 72). From a private collection of Northern artists (please see the other Lowry below).

Unfaded and in excellent condition.

Price on Application



LS Lowry Signed Print

Britain At Play (1943). From a limited edition of 850 (this being no.18), produced circa 1975, signed by Lowry in pencil to lower right. Published by Mainstone Publications, Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp. Image 45 x 60 cms, framed and glazed (84 x 72 cms).

A bit faded, but still rare and sought after.

Price on Application




Susie Cooper Signed Art Deco Jug 1932

I know I say this quite a lot on the website, but WOW!

Absolutely fantastic large green jug by Susie Cooper, featuring incised panels of a charging ram and well, to be honest I'm not 100% sure what the other charging beast is! Excellent condition, measuring 20 cms tall, 15cms at widest point. Full inscribed signature of Susie Cooper to base with hand written date of 1932. A real Art Deco statement.

Price on Application



French Art Nouveau vase

Really nice French 18cm vase, hand painted enamels on very delicate frosted glass with ornate brass stand on 3 feet. All in excellent condition.




French Art Nouveau vase

Another fabulous vase from the same home. This one smaller (11cms) but wider and in the same hand painted pattern. Again excellent condition



Moorcroft Flambe Vase, Clematis pattern

Fabulous 5 inch vase with a deep, graduated flambe glaze in a rich red to brown colourway. Impressed factory mark to base. Minor scratches (as you always get with flambe ware) otherwise perfect!




Royal Lancastrian Vase
Royal Lancastrian Vase; base

Royal Lancastrian Pottery


Rare, museum quality, early 1920's vase by Radford & Rodgers.


Magnificent large vase, potted by Edward Thomas Radford, painted by Gwladys Rodgers.

Shape 741. Royal Lancastrian impressed Tudor Rose mark, used between 1920 and 1938.


This truly is a stunning piece, standing 7.5 inches tall with a circumference of 18 inches. Condition is outstanding with no chips, cracks or any restoration, just some expected age-related crazing. 




Poole Pottery Galleon

Poole Pottery Galleon


I've always wanted one of these! The original galleon was designed by Harold Stabler in about 1925 and became the iconic emblem of Poole Pottery. Named "The Harry Page", the name derived from that of Henry Paye who is said to have been a local pirate. 


If you want one of the originals, it will now set you back £2,000 (if you can find one), or you could save yourself 90% and buy this perfect 1990's versions. Standing at 10 1/2 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter, it's in excellent condition and marked to the base with the Poole Studio backstamp. An Art Deco icon!




Art Deco Cubist Polar Bear

We love to bring you the unusual, and it doesn't get much more unusual than this! 

Stunning, striking, just amazing.


The story of the Cubist Polar Bear......


One of the great founders of the Art Deco movement was the French ceramic sculptor Andre Fau.

He received a Diploma of Honour at the Exposition des Arts Decoratifs, the 1925 Paris exhibition that gave us the term “Art Deco” and was considered one of the foremost ceramic artists of his time. Fau was a contemporary and admirer of the cubist painters Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, incorporating their geometric style in his own work.

Working in Terracotta to build a basic structure, he then painted his finished work and applied a craquelure glaze before firing the piece, this giving the impression of crazing. Fau worked with the Longwy collective in Boulogne sur Seine, producing works under the Longwy mark

Fau incorporated his love of cubist and geometric shapes into much of his early work, which is now highly sought after. A series of cubist sculptures were produced in the late 1920’s, including this remarkable polar bear.

Fau’s cubist polar bear is featured in Patrick Malaureille’s reference book “Craqueles; Les Animaux en Ceramique 1920-1940”.

It is signed Longwy to the base and is in exceptional condition. A remarkably rare piece.

Measures 13" (length) 10" (height)


Price on Application.


Very Large Art Deco Fish Figure by Le Jan

Ruth: "Why is there a huge ceramic fish in the lounge?"

Me:   "Because it's a Le Jan."

I've always wanted one of these! The famous Art Deco fish sculpture by the French Le Jan company, made in the late 1920's. Signed and standing at 12" tall, 16" long, probably by Andre Fau, who was involved in the Le Jan collective. Craquelure glaze. As with the polar bear, he is featured in the same book. Rare and in excellent condition.

Price on Application



LLadro Afternoon Promenade signed by Juan LLadro


LLadro ref 01007636 in issue 1995-1998, sculpted by Jose Puche and standing at 28cms tall.

This piece has been hand signed on the base by Juan LLadro, one of the 3 founding LLadro brothers.

Signed pieces are rare, but ones signed by Juan Lladro are extremely scarce as he is known to have signed only a very small number for the LLadro Collectors Society at the beginning of the production run. Excellent condition.



This week's mystery object...


My guess is that it's German and dates to the 1920's. Incredibly well modelled and beautifully painted, measures 6.5 inches in length, nearly 5 inches tall. I'm not familiar with the backstamp, but an educated guess takes me to the Silesia region of Germany, but if you know better, please do let me know. Great piece.





Royal Doulton Daisy HN3803

Royal Doulton Daisy HN 3803


Just so Art Deco. In the rarer pale blue hue, 1st quality, excellent condition. Usually sells on Ebay at £200, so grab a bargain!




Poole Pottery

Now this might come as a surprise, but if I could only collect one make of pottery it would be Poole. I love the decoration whether it's 1930's or 1950's as they are just so evocative of the eras. Very robust and always beautifully painted, every home should have some Poole!



Carter Stabler Adams Poole vase in PD Pattern

Poole Pottery vase


Wonderful shape 418 vase in the PD pattern. Carter Stabler Adams factory mark no.11 dating the vase to 1921-34. Unidentified paotters mark to base. Excellent condition. 6.5" tall.  



Carter Stable Adams basket

Carter Stabler Adams fruit basket


Never, ever, seen this shape before. 8" diameter with handle 5" tall, in the SG pattern. Factory mark 11, painted by Marion Jones date 1930-34. Some minor craze staining (see photo)




Poole shallow bowl in RC pattern

Poole bowl in RC pattern


Wonderful 8" shallow footed bowl in the very rare RC pattern. Factory mark 18, painted by Anne Hatchard date 1924-36. 


Poole shallow bowl in RE pattern

Poole bowl in RE pattern


Another great bowl by Anne Hatchard from the same period, this time in the very rare RE pattern.

Minor wear (see photo)



Collection of Poole pottery

Poole Pottery

10" plate in IE pattern by Sylvia Penny date 1967-70

8.75" vase in BN pattern by Jean Millership date 1966-69

4" vase in KW pattern (unknown mark) date 1959-67

4.5" lidded bowl in PC pattern by Anne Godfrey date 1965-70

4" pindish in KG pattern by Jean Player date 1959

3.25" pot in KG pattern by Jean Player date 1959

3" pinbowl in BF pattern (unknown mark) date 1935 onwards

10.5" serving tray in KUA pattern (unknown mark) date 1959-67 



We love Lladro and have many fine pieces ourselves. It all started a few years ago when we were lucky enough to buy one lady's entire collection that she had brought back over many years from her annual holidays to Spain. We prefer the earlier pieces by the finest designers and love these small vases! All First Quality and in excellent condition.


Miniature Oriental Vases

Designed by Lladro master Vicente Martinez, these highly glazed miniature (4 to 4.5 inches) vases were in issue between 1972 and 1986 and now highly sought after. All carry date marks for 1971-74.


Left:      Chrysanthemum vase, Lladro ref 01001221 SOLD

Centre:  Prunus vase with flowers, Lladro ref 01001219  SOLD

Right:   "Magno" with flowers, Lladro ref 01001222    SOLD


Miniature Bisque Vases

Love these! Unusual for Lladro in that they are unglazed. Now hugely collectable and very well decorated. Occasionally turn up uncoloured, these are the rarer versions.

We have the complete set of 9! All c4.5 inches.

All sculpted by Jose Roig and in issue 1984-1990. All reference numbers quoted are from the Lladro archives.


1. Japanese Scholars Vase ref 01015257 SOLD

2. Mini Flor Juegos en el Parque ref 01015258   SOLD

3. Urn with Spanish Ladies ref 01015259 SOLD

4. Bucaro Tarara ref 01015260 SOLD

5. Mini Jarro Rococo con asa ref 01015261 SOLD

6. Urn; Farmyard Scenes ref 01015262 SOLD

7. Chalice vase with flowers ref 01015263 SOLD

8. Bell; Children's Christmas Band ref 01015264 SOLD

9. Centrepiece with children ref 01015265 SOLD



An Art Deco One-Off

Roseville Pottery Co, Ohio Futura hand painted vase
Illustration from The Art Deco Sourcebook

Roseville Pottery  Futura vase

Here's a strange one. Although unmarked to the base, this huge, impressive rocket vase is in the exact shape of a Futura vase by the Roseville pottery Co of Ohio. The range was introduced in 1924 and produced throughout the 1930's. Roseville is now highly collectable. The thing is that Roseville Futura vases are normally glazed in earthy tones, although they are also known in bright pink and blue. I've certainly never seen anything like it!


An identically shaped vase can be found in Patricia Bayer's excellent book "Art Deco Sourcebook, a visual reference to a decorative style 1920-1940" (I've added a photo of the page from the book)


Huge (13.5 inch) hand painted, twin handled Art Deco vase. Chromed handles and rim detailed with vibrant geometric design to body, hand painted over glaze. Excellent condition, no chips, cracks or any restoration. It's just fantastic!



Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester Lily Pad Bowl

A rare and beautiful Royal Worcester Lily Pad small bowl with date mark for 1937. Pattern no. 3206.

Excellent condition.


Radford Pottery

E Radford art Deco ribbed vase

Art Deco ribbed vase with early Burslem backstamp that dates this piece to the 1920's. Handpainted over glaze and in excellent condition. Height just over 6 inches



Franklin Mint

Franklin Mint Dressage Figurines

Franklin Mint Dressage Figurines

Very rare set of 4 Franklin Mint Dressage figurines. Dating from c1991, these are remarkably well sculpted by Pamela Du Boulay and made in fine bisque porcelain. Featuring the poses "Travers", "Pirouette", "Piaffe" and "Trot Allonge", each horse stands about 5.5 inches high. All in perfect condition. It's extremely rare to find even one in this condition as they are so delicate! I've only ever seen one horse for sale on Ebay; even then it was £85.

Full Set of four £250



Meccano Circuit 24

Meccano Circuit 24

Meccano Circuit 24

Here's something unique! Meccano developed their Circuit 24 series for the French market as a rival to Scalextric.  Included in the package are 4 original cars (2 X Panhard, 1 X Ferrari and 1 X Cooper), the Cooper being the rarest. In addition there are 2 sections of track, an original very good brochure as well as the original receipt for the cars dated 1966 and a 1966 Meccano Circuit 24 price list. You'll never see another!




Charlotte Rhead for Crown Ducal

Crown Ducal Pussy Willow Jug

Crown Ducal Jug

Brown Pussy Willow pattern by Charlotte Rhead for Crown Ducal. From memory (I've put it in one of our cabinets!) it's about 8 inches tall. Excellent condition, as new really, with no losses to the hand painting, no chips, cracks or any restoration. c1935.




Wallendorf Porcelain

Wallendorf Figurine

Wallendorf Figurine

Rare and beautifully made porcelain figurine from Wallendorf (Germany). No. 1497 From the "Ballerina" series, a real Art Deco gem. These early Wallendorf pieces are now very sought after, and I'm not surpised. Excellent condition.

Ebay price £180 (for a more recent version)......our price £110




WMF Foliate vase

Large WMF Copper Vase

WMF being the Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik. Again, one that I've put in one of our cabinets for now, so my guess is c11 inches. Fantastic inverted baluster shape Art Nouveau copper vase with sage green and pale brown foliate design.  Full WMF markings to base, c1910. Not absolutely perfect, so a fraction of what it should be! (Ignore the red on the left of the photo, that's just a reflection).




Palissy Gayday pattern coffee set

Palissy Gayday

Great Art Deco geometric part coffee set dating from 1957. Most sold, but a few pieces still hanging around, (coffee cups & saucers, sugar bowl & saucer etc) so please enquire if interested.



Royal Doulton Flambe

Pioneered by Charles Noke (Art Director at Royal Doulton from 1914 to 1936) and Fred Moore, the Flambes were based on the ancient Chinese flambe wares and were incredibly difficult to manufacture. Several firing processes were used to obtain the amazing variations in the glazes, meaning that no 2 pieces are the same.

Royal Doulton Flambe vase

Royal Doulton Flambe vase

Beautifully mottled vase in shades on red, brown and ochre. Monogrammed by Frederick Moore with early RDF mark




Royal Doulton Flambe Pumpkin vase

Royal Doulton Flambe pumpkin vase

Rare shape 925 pumpkin vase in mottled red with early RDF mark 




Ruskin Pottery

If you're a fan of 1920's and 30's ceramics, don't overlook Ruskin!

Very popular in Australia and USA, the high-fired pieces are the most sought after and therefore hardest to find. (And the most expensive!)

Ruskin high fired lavender glaze cylinder vase

Ruskin cylinder vase

Fantastic and very rare lavender and green glaze high fired vase  in exceptional condition. 

6" tall, with Ruskin stamp to base and dated 1924.


Ruskin mottled orange high fired tea caddy.

Ruskin Tea Caddy

Very rare! The only one I've ever seen. Fantastic tea caddy, just 2.5 inches high. Dated 1923 and in excellent condition. Treasured for many years by a fanatical private collector.



Ruskin large Crystalline vase

Ruskin Crystalline vase

Very fine late 1920's tri colour crystalline vase, fully marked to base and in excellent condition.



Royal Copenhagen Boca vase

Royal Copenhagen Boca vase by Nils Thorssen

Standing at 10" tall and in excellent condition, this stunning vase dates to the late 1950's and has a pattern of delicately incorporated fish designs within its pattern.

Now collected in its own right and a favourite amongst Royal Copenhagen collectors.


Royal Crown Derby butter knife in original box

Royal Crown Derby butter knife

Rare early Imari pattern, c1920. Whilst these crop up from time to time, they very rarely have their original box with them.  



Sandland Zebrette collection

Sandland Zebrette

Now really sought after and iconic of the 1950's, good original Zebrette rarely comes to the market.

A small collection of vases, various prices, please enquire.