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From rare one off items to large collections put together over many years, we have a real passion for ephemera and are always on the lookout for the next great find.


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Rare Vintage Card Games

A fantastic album of rare vintage card games. All complete and include;

Alice in Wonderland (Thomas De La Rue c1898), a full set of 48 in mint condition

MGM Film Fantasy (1939) full set of 45 cards, mint

Vacuation (Pepys, 1939) full set of 44 cards, mint

Victory (Pepys 1940) full set of 44 cards, mint

Sexton Blake (Waddy 1930's) full set of 60 cards, mint

Along with many other complete sets.

The undoubted highlight is the Alice in Wonderland set which is quite likely to be the best set in existence. A rare find!

Serious Enquiries Welcome



Star Wars Comic 1977 Issue No. 1

Issue No. 1 of Star Wars Weekly dated 8th February 1978. Again, another extreme rarity in that it still has the original X-Wing Fighter cut out model attached.  From the same home as the Vulcan comic listed below.

Serious enquiries only please



Vulcan Comic 1975, Issue No. 1

Issue one of Vulcan comic dated 27th September 1975. What makes this really rare and sought after is the fact that it still has it's original "Super Potato Gun" free gift attached. From a small collection of rare comics offered by one of our clients. 

Serious enquiries only please



Small selection of extremely rare cigarette cards

From the same home as the advertising collection below, a small selection of extremely rare cigarette cards, to include Pole Star, Westward Ho and Three Castles. Carrying a huge catalogue value, these have all been authenticated by the editor of the leading cigarette card catalogue and are offered for sale for the first time since their issue in 1890. A very rare opportunity!


1894 Advertising Collection

One of the very finest collections that we have had the pleasure of selling, this is a huge accumulation, being the contents of a well stocked scrap book with hundreds of loose adverts. The scrapbook is dated 1894 and was completed in 1896. Some of the very rarest adverts and the vast majority in mint condition. Our client would prefer to sell the collection in its entirety, so we will consider substantial offers, for what we believe to be one of the finest collections of its type anywhere.

Serious enquiries only please 




Superbowl XX1, Denver Broncos signed programme

A 1986 Superbowl XX1 programme (Dever Broncos v New York Giants), signed by 40 of the Denver Broncos team. Cover features an action shot of John Elway who has signed alongside his image.

Complete and in great condition, this is a rare find!



1930s World's Fair Covers

An excellent collection of 45 illustrated covers from the World's Fairs of the 1930s. Starting with Chicago 1933, we see many special cachets including Zeppelin Flight (Dispatched from Miami) and Zeppelin leaving Chicago. On to San Diego to San Francisco then New York 1939. the collection includes several First Day of Issues, with stamps in singles, pairs and blocks. Rarely seen outside the US, the collection is very well presented with all covers in excellent condition. An absolute credit to its owner.

Price on Application

This collection of covers is now sold



Apothecary / Chemist / Drug Store label collection

Collected over several decades, a huge collection (around 500) of labels from the US and UK. All different, all original and dating from Edwardian to 1960s, the vast majority being rare, early examples.

Another fascinating study group, for sale as an entire collection or can be split. The only collection of its kind that we have seen.

This collection of labels is now sold



Curious collection of postcards

A collection of around 200 postcards all dating to around 1910, with an emphasis on the unusual!

Some early saucy seaside cards, unusual subjects such as "Fred Roper's Wonderful Midgets" (above) and rarities such as the Mauretania at it's Liverpool landing stage postmarked for 1910. Plenty of interesting cards here!

This collection is now sold



A large collection of vintage cheese labels

Here's something a bit different and one for all you Tyrosemiophiliasts (no, I didn't know that word existed either, but it does.....cheese label collector if you haven't worked it out). Never come across a collection of cheese labels before, but I like this, because who'd have thought that something so disposable could be so collectable? Virtually impossible to date, but certainly 1940s, 50s, maybe earlier, some later. A fascinating study group, runs to over 200 different examples.

This collection is now sold


London Underground Map 1951

An extremely rare tourist folding map by Vawser & Wiles. Containing Harry Beck's January 1951 London Underground map, along with information relating to various tourist attractions as well as locations for cinemas and theatres. Printed by Henry Ling Ltd, The Dorset Press Ltd. Measures c 25 X 11 cms folded, 25 X 31 unfolded. Minor top corner damage, otherwise excellent. 


It is believed that there are only 2 copies of this map that are known to have survived, the other being in the London Transport Museum (Ours being in much better condition), making this one of the rarest Underground maps available.

Price on application, serious enquiries only please




Zoo related ephemera collection

An extensive collection of ephemera relating to Zoos, the vast majority from the 1960s. Collected over many years and comprising many catalogues from zoos all over the UK. Condition varies from good to excellent and includes some rare pieces from now defunct zoological gardens and parks. The example shown above is the Belle Vue Manchester Zoo Park brochure from 1964.

The whole collection is now sold



Archives of Benjamin Baker (Lye) Limited

Presented in four large ledgers, the advertising archives of this Stourbridge based garden machinery manufacturer. Fascinating reading, it details every advert placed by the company from the years 1928 through to the 1970s. Details include every publication they advertised in, the number of copies ordered and the amount paid. Many hundreds of adverts, letters and newspaper / magazine cuttings.

This collection is now sold


Mailing Novelty Postcards

From a private collection, a lovely selection of around 50 or more, dating from 1918 onwards through to the 1960s, with lots of variety including pull outs, googly eyes, panel cards, jigsaw cards etc etc, a really nice collection from the same home as the exhibition and war cards featured below.

This collection is now sold


Cigarrette Card Collection

Several examples from 1898 with many rare makers that include Taddy's, Cope's, May Blossom, Singleton & Cole, Loadstone, Franklyn Davey etc etc. Includes many examples of the rare Spurs Footballers 1911 series by Jones Bros. Tottenham. All housed in 2 albums with a very high catalogue value. Condition is poor to very good. Just a few examples shown to whet your appetite!

This collection is now sold


Vintage Purse Calendars

An excellent collection of miniature purse calendars, dating from 1924, through the 1930s and 40s to the mid 1970s. One lady's private collection, these very rarely appear and it's the only one we've evr seen! All in excellent condition.

This collection is now sold


Exhibitions Postcards

An excellent collection of postcards covering many of the World's Fairs and great exhibitions from the early part of the 20th Century through to The Festival of Britain in 1951. Many rarities and some excellent exhibition postmarks

This collection is now sold



World War One Postcards

An exceptional collection of First World War postcards including some rarities covering many regiments and scenes

This collection is now sold



Coronation Street

Rehearsal scripts, shooting schedules, Location briefings etc, loads of these from a former Granada TV employee and selling fast!




Journal of the Air Forces

This is the only one of these that we have ever seen; nicely bound in a period binder, 13 mint copies of the Journal of the Air Forces, India Command Edition (numbers 1-13) all dated 1943. These were issued for official use only and contained information not normally released to the press.

To add extra interest, there are various annotations to the magazines where they have been read by the senior officers. Each one runs to just over 30 pages.

Extremely rare.



Bookmark Collection

I must admit that this is the only collection of bookmarks that we've ever seen, and pretty impressive it is too. Around 130 in an album with examples from c1900 to the 1950's. Numerous themes (cats, dogs, birthdays, Christmas etc) with the vast majority being from the 1920's and 1930's. Overall condition is very good, some with calendars attached. Please see photos above for some examples.



Vintage Greetings Cards

We've had quite a few collections of vintage greetings cards and they always prove very popular. This collection numbers well over 100 with the earliest examples being from the 1880's, the latest ones 1950's. Again the vast majority of cards date to the 1920's and 1930's with some stunning Art Deco designs.




Ocean Liners Ephemera Collection

A large and very impressive collection of ephemera relating to the golden age of ocean liners, including The Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Starting in 1910 and working through to 1971, the bulk of the collection being in the 1930's and 1950's. Numerous menus, brochures, programmes of events, guides, onboard shopping brochures, postcards, luggage labels etc etc. including some very rare items, around 200 in all, and very well presented (by me!).


All items were collected by one person over several decades. We love this collection, and judging by the popularity of Liner ephemera that we have had previously, we don't expect this to hang around for very long. The photos above are of just a few of the early highlights.




Edito-Service World War 2 Information Cards

Now really collectable, we have a total of 937 cards, the original collector's tray, all dividers, all leaflets and booklets. Each card containing information on a particular aspect of the war, these are from the original 1977 printing and would cost a small fortune to put together via Ebay. Very good used condition, certainly not seen in this quantity.



Father Tuck's Busy Bees

From c1920, these are something a bit special. Children's books of transfers, issued by Raphael Tuck.

Extremely rare, these came to light when an old shop was being demolished and were hidden away in a locked room that had not been opened for decades. All in pristine condition, we just had to have the whole lot, which number in excess of 300!


Large, medium and small format, from the Busy Bees, Happy Hours and Little People series. They are now highly sought after and we will consider serious offers for the whole collection.




Dick Cheney; In My Time, A Personal and Political Memoir SIGNED BY DICK CHENEY

First edition 2011, 565 pages hardback with dustjacket and housed in black leatherette box with white cloth corners and gilt lettering. Premiere collectibles numbered limited edition no. 3402 of 5000. Hand signed by Dick Cheney with certificate of authenticity. Excellent, as new condition.




Margaret Thatcher; The Downing Street Years SIGNED BY MARGARET THATCHER

First edition hardback 1993 in excellent, as new condition. 914 pages with numerous illustrations, signed by Margaret Thatcher in blue ink to first page.




The Bijou Shakespeare

This remarkable boxed set of the complete works of Shakespeare was published by William Collins, Sons & Co Ltd in about 1910. The six volumes are in excellent condition and housed in their original box. Bound in rich burgundy leather, each book measures approx 4.75 by 3 inches.

There are other ones out there, retailing at up to £400, but none in this condition.

An incredible find.




Gregory's Encyclopaedia 1807

A Dictionary of Arts & Sciences by G Gregory DD dated 1807.

Huge, heavy and historical, this really is a fascinating book with numerous periuod illustrations throughout. As you mighty expect, it is a bit tatty here and there, but complete and with its original bindings. Rare!




Leslie Charteris / The Saint

A collection of 12 paperbacks by Leslie Charteris, mostly Hodder & Stoughton Yellow Jacket, all 1950 - 1954, except Call For The Saint which is 1958. Condition generally good and complete.




The Beano, Flyer for issues 1 & 2

An extreme rarity, this flyer was issued prior to the first issue of the Beano in 1938. Measuring 42.5 X 29.5 cms and in excellent condition, bright colours with no tearing. Highly sought after and a rare opportunity for the comic collector; these flyers rarely come to the market.

Price on Application (Serious enquiries only please)



1930's Comic Book Inserts

A selection of small books that were issued with comic books in the 1930's. Predominantly from The Skipper comic and all in excellent condition. Many of them are now really hard to find and very collectable.




Coal Mining Interest

A selection of books and ephemera relating to coal mining, including;

1. Colliery Guardian Coalfield Map no. 1, Scottish Division 

2. Colliery Guardian Coalfield Map no. 2, Northern Division 

3. Colliery Guardian Coalfield Map no. 3, Durham Division 

4. Colliery Guardian Coalfield Map no. 4, North-Eastern Division 

5. Report of Yorkshire Miners to Soviet Union 1956 (90 pages)

6. The Colliery Official's Handbook to the Mines & Quarries Act 1954 (98 pages plus appendices)

7. National Union of Mineworkers Guide to the Mines & Quarries Act 1954 (71 pages)

8. Report of the tribunal appointed to inquire into the disaster at Aberfan 1966 (151 pages) 



Souvenir of King George V and Queen Mary's visit to Crewe & The Potteries 1913

Anyone else have a 104 year old tissue? Didn't think so. An incredibly rare survivor, this 15 X 15 inch souvenir details the King & Queen's visit to Crewe and the factories of Minton, Bernard Moore, Copeland, Ridgway, Fielding, Colclough, Wedgwood, Doulton and Meakin. Printed on very delicate crepe tissue paper, it retains its original colours and is without any tearing. some slight discolouration in a couple of areas.

Value? Haven't got a clue!



Smith's New Map of England & Wales 1814

"...with part of Scotland, comprehending the whole of the turnpike and principal cross roads, the route of mail coaches, rivers and navigable canals, with the distance from one market town to another, also the general distance from London to every principal town".


This map is a remarkable survivor and extremely rare. For sale on behalf of one of our clients, it is presented in its original heavy board folder, sized to fit in a greatcoat pocket, being c8 X 7 inches. The map comprises 36 panels, each laid on to a heavy linen backing and folds out to an impressive 46 X 38 inches. Overall condition is very, very good; colours are strong with just some minor wear and tear.

Price on Application



The Whisky Library

If, as I do, you like a wee dram, here's exactly what you need. A comprehensive collection of books on whisky, along with many items of whisky-related epehmera. If you weren't an expert on the subject before, you soon will be! We have to sell them all, so contact us for the best prices.


All whisky books and ephemera now sold



Egypt 1938 Postcards

Wonderful album of over 100 sepia toned and black & white real photographic postcards of Egypt collected in the late 1930's, showing many of the important archeological sites. A few later cards from the Cairo museum 1962 collection.




London Underground Map

Extremely rare fold out map entitled "London Underground Electric Railways - How to travel in  and round London". Produced in 1908-1910, the map shows the site of the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition. In excellent condition with no tears, just a couple of small folding holes. Measures 370mm X 283mm




London Underground Map

Pocket sized map of the "Underground Railways of London, designed by FH Stingemore and dated January 1927. This is the 4th edition of this card map and lists places of interest and London theatres.

In good to very good condition, this fold out map measures 146mm X 126mm.

Very rare! 




Private Eye

76 issues of Private Eye from 1963 to 1972, all in excellent condition.

1963 X 1 

1967 X 22 

1968 X 20

1969 X 7

1970 X 16

1971 X 8

1972 X 2



The Archives of Croydon Aerodrome

Very impressive archives of Croydon Aerodrome, comprising 12 folders and albums. Early photographs, postcards, documents, letters etc all relating to the Aerodrome and hotel, dating from the 1920s onwards. An amazing insight into the early days of commercial flight.




Rene Lalique 1905 Exhibition Catalogue

Extremely rare. Issued by Thos Agnew as a catalogue for Lalique's exhibition of jewellery at Agnew's Bond Street premises. 39 pages in French and English, with sections describing the contents of the various display cabinets. Only 2 other copies are recorded; one in the Rare Books section of the Corning Glass Museum, New York, the other at Tate Library, Tate Britain. Measures 20 X 10 cms. Condition good to very good.

A must for the serious Lalique collector!




Canadian Pacific Round The World Cruise 1931-1932

Fascinating Candian Pacific folder containing all 133 handouts from The Empress of Britain World cruise that took place between December 1931 and April 1932. This was the 9th and last of Candian Pacific's World Cruise voyages. All printed on card with many period features and insights into the places visited on the trip. Excellent condition.




IWC Schaffhausen Fournitures No.7

International Watch Company parts catalogue dating from c1952. A complete catalogue of all movement parts, numbered and as issued to IWC watch retailers. In excellent condition within its original binder. Accompanied by a letter from IWC to a Bolton jeweller dated Dec 1965 enclosing additional pages. Impossible to find in this condition!

Price on Application





1. Ordnance Survey Contoured Road Map of Holy Island. Fold out linen map 1930's, excellent condition SOLD

2. AA Touring Grounds of England, Scotland & Wales, 32pp, excellent condition dated 1934. SOLD

3. WH Smith & Sons Reduced Ordnance Maps for Tourists by J Bartholomew. Fold out linen map "The environs of Manchester" 1920's. Condition fair. SOLD

4. Will's Gold Flake Cigarettes "The Call of the Road" pullout distance finder. Very good condition, 1930's. Very rare. SOLD

5. Ordnance Survey 10 mile map of Great Britain. Fold out linen map, condition fair to good, 1930's SOLD


Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

(all with dedicactions on the inner board)

1. The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

1941 reprint, dustwrapper vg to exc, book vg to exc, 320pp SOLD

2. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

1941 reprint, dustwrapper and book both vg to exc, 313pp SOLD

3. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

1941 reprint, dustwrapper and book both vg to exc, 344pp SOLD

4. The Sherlock Holmes Long Stories

1941 reprint, dustwrapper and book both vg to exc, 640pp SOLD



The Saint by Leslie Charteris

(all with dedicactions on the inner board)

1. The Saint in New York

1947 reprint, dustwrapper vg, book vg, some light foxing to inner board, price unclipped, 246pp SOLD

2. Saint Errant

First Edition 1949, dustwrapper excellent, book vg to exc, minor foxing to a few page ends, price unclipped, 253pp SOLD

3. The Saint Steps In

First Edition 1944, dustwrapper vg with monor tears, book vg to exc, minor foxing to a few page ends, price unclipped, 192pp SOLD

4. Call For the Saint

First Edition 1948, dustwrapper vg, book vg to exc, minor foxing, price unclipped, 253pp SOLD