Signed Benham Covers

We've had quite a few of these over the years, but this collection rivals the best. Hundreds of signed covers from Film & TV, Sport, Military, Politics etc etc. far too many to list here, but a few photos above to whet the appetite.



Space Stamps

A huge ( and hugely impressive) collection of stamps commemorating Man's journey into Space. Covering the years 1957 to 1972 and represented by just about every country, the collection has been very well catalogued and runs into many hundreds of stamps.


The vast majority are mint and there are some rare and high catalogue stamps in the collection. There is a seperate album of commemorative and first day covers. Accumulated over many years, this collection is an absolute credit to its previous owner and is an excellent foundation for a larger collection on this theme. Very high catalogue value.



Edward V11

My passion for British stamps dates back over 50 years and here at The Stamphouse we specialise in the various printings and shade varieties of Edward 7th (1902-1911). 


Determining which is the correct shade  can be a real headache, and it is only by comparison to a comprehensive and correct reference collection that a true appraisal can be made. Thankfully we have one, accumulated over many decades and are now releasing part of our comprehensive collection.


There's too many to list here, but here are some of my favourite shades and varieties.....